Welcome to the New Range!

We’re sorry for hiding this from you for so long!

Welcome to Funky Sportswear, the new name and home for all licensed, funky apparel designed and developed by Scimitar.

Over the Summer, the team have worked hard to refresh the entire range, to the point where we have been able to launch this exciting new range with over sixty exclusive new designs across running vests, cycling jerseys and running t-shirts.

Want some more good news? Funky Sportswear is also the only place in the UK where you’ll be able to get Mr Men/Little Miss leggings. We also have new Swizzels Love Hearts designs, and some more exciting designs launching soon, including Um Bongo.

We’re also delighted to reveal that all of our Funky cycling jerseys, running vests and t-shirts are now made with our innovative 100% recycled polyester. Sustainable sportswear for you at no extra cost to you.

Anyway, let’s get on to the important questions.

Why the name changes?

We wanted to call this range something that truly reflected the nature of the products. After months of deliberation, the team decided that keeping it simple would be best.

Funky Sportswear explains the nature of our products from the outset.

We develop products with vibrant, bright and unique designs that allow runners, cyclists and fitness fans to express their colourful personalities.

We often get our customers telling us how people comment on their apparel, and how it brings a number of smiles every time the products are worn. What more could you want from a retail range?!

What’s the difference?

In terms of the products, we haven’t changed that much. Why change something that works, right?

We’ve refreshed all of the designs, and decided to make them from our 100% recycled polyester. This means that for every 1000 items sold, we are preventing 6000 plastic bottles from entering our ecosystems & oceans.

That’s it really!

Nothing’s changed really, apart from everything. Explore the new Funky sportswear range today, and don’t forget to tag us in your photos and social posts. We’ll post the social links for you below!

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