Funky x Rainforest Concern

Funky Sportswear partner up with Rainforest Concern

Funky Sportswear are delighted to be partnering up with conservation charity Rainforest Concern.

This #EndangeredSpeciesDay and #WorldTurtleDay, we are running a 20% discount off all of our sustainable sportswear, with 10% of the sales going directly to the charity.

Shop sustainably by browsing the range below or by clicking the View Full Range button. Visit the website of our sister brand, Scimitar, to find out more about some of the endangered species we are looking to protect.

Rainforest Concern has protected over 5 million acres (2.6m hectares) of threatened forest habitat around the world since it was founded 27 years ago. The charity owns rainforest reserves in Ecuador and Chile and has a team of conservationists working on projects in eight countries around the world, including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Romania and India.

To mark World Endangered Species Day, we urge you to take a look at the Rainforest Concern website and learn more about the prevalent issues we are facing. You can visit the website by clicking here.

Play your part in shopping sustainably and know that you’ll be donating towards the protection of the rainforests – allowing these animals to flourish in their natural habitat.

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