Exercise helped me get pregnant!

Hi, my name is Danica Baker and I’m proud to be one of Funky Sportswear’s ambassadors.

I would describe myself as a positive person and a motivator, and I work as a Recruitment Division Manager in Bournemouth.

I have been very active for quite a few years, thoroughly enjoying my daily workouts and the gym.  It probably started about 12 years ago when I moved to the UK from South Africa – being able to be active outdoors and go for runs was just a great feeling.

I joined a gym and was exercising quite regularly. Then about 5 years ago I decided to really up my exercise game. I had decided I wanted children and knew that I needed to be really fit and healthy to try and fall pregnant, so I decided to gym a bit more and focus on my health.

After a couple years of being tested, I had discovered that it was quite difficult for me to fall pregnant and I was then pushed for IVF. It was then that I really upped my gyming and fitness. I went to exercise every single day.

I am more of a morning person when it comes to exercise, I find that’s where I have the most motivation. So every morning without fail, even in the snow, I was up at 5.20am and getting ready to go to the gym before my full-time job.

I started to notice that I had even more energy every day. I felt so motivated and I was being the most positive person I could be and all this from a morning workout.

I started buying more and more leggings since I was exercising daily and finding the best fits and the best ones to run in and the best for squatting etc. I also started adding colour into my gym leggings and my workout wardrobe which really gave me a little boost sometimes.

I then discovered some brands that had great colours and wacky designs and I started loving those.  It was then that I stumbled upon Funky Sportswear and that was the game-changer!

Now, I will be honest, there were many mornings I wanted to stay in bed instead of working out but with my growing gym legging addiction and workout wear wardrobe, it really helped on those mornings.

Nothing gets you out of bed quite like some new gym wear or deciding which crazy, bright and fun outfit you are going to wear that day. Sadly my IVF didn’t work, but I never gave up, I carried on with the fitness as it helped me mentally and I had hoped that maybe one day something would happen.

My Funky Sportswear leggings always boosted me and besides the fit being amazing and perfect for all sports, squatting, running and weight training, they also put a smile on my face and made my workouts fun and exciting. I also cheered people up in the gym and on Instagram!

My personal favourite leggings are my Little Miss Sunshine Leggings! I definitely have a gym leggings addiction which to me is not a bad thing.

I really loved the feeling of how my exercising was making me feel as well as the added health benefits that it was bringing me, not to mention I was handling managing my team so much better at work and motivating them daily.

I was lucky enough to fall pregnant last year and I am due to have my first child in May. Yes, at the age of 36, I am going to be a mom but I am so excited at the same time. The only negative to this is that I have not been able to wear any of my gym wear or Funky Sportswear leggings in months with my ever-growing body!

I now look forward to getting back into my daily workouts and wearing my leggings again, as much as I can’t wait to see my son and meet him, I am also super excited about exercising again and fitting in my leggings.

I have already bought some exercise equipment to start me off once the baby is born and then I have my eye on a nice new gym membership.

I do hope they will be ready for my crazy, funky and bright leggings and sportswear!

You can follow Danica on Instagram @danicabaker2401

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